Episode 16: The Role of the GM

November 29, 2010

Guest: Robert Bohl, Misspent Youth Game Designer

Five Fabulous Questions

  • Rob's favorite candy is Peanut M&Ms
  • Rob's favorite superhero is Dagger from Cloak and Dagger
  • Rob's handle would be something to draw out the liberal truck drivers
  • Rob would cast Paul Rudd as himself
  • Google Rob Bohl and find a minister with the same name!

The Role and Idea of the GM

  • Game Designers get involved with new podcasters
  • GM's role in a game
  • Does a game have a GM? Does this question have to be asked?
  • Explaining a game using the term GM and how people identify with the word
  • Misspent Youth antagonist
  • Brennan Taylor's How we Came to Live Here
  • Fred Hicks - Live Journal
  • Joshua AC Newman - Shock
  • Designing a game from the beginning
  • Rob starts to design a game

Rob's Corner

  • Getting to play two games a week
  • Human Contact and Gamma World

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