Episode 17: Gaming Online

December 6, 2010

Guest: Chris Nolen or Darth Krystoff

Five Fabulous Questions

  • Chris' favorite candy is Godiva Chocolates
  • Chris' favorite superhero is Batman
  • Chris would like to see Ted the lawyer on Scrubs play him
  • Chris' handle would be Puffytail Pig
  • Google Chris Nolen and you will not find him. Only Batman

Gaming Online

  • Met Darth through the Trapcast forums and played a DnD campaign with him
  • Why do you play online
  • Why is playing online good!
  • How do you go about creating characters for online play
  • Programs Used
  • Issues faced
  • How do you go about finding games/players
  • Using Obsidian Portal
  • Overcoming the issues of Game Death
  • Tips for Online Gaming

Darth's Corner

  • Gamma World and Yettis

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