Episode 61: D20 Burlesque

October 3, 2011

Guest: D20 Burlesque

Five Fabulous Questions

  • Anja's favorite pizza topping is onions and capers
  • Anja's favorite supervillan is GLaDOS
  • Anja would be a cat
  • Anja is playing Pathfinder and a home brew thrown together/D20ish Call of Cthulhu
  • Google Anja and find pin up shots from D20 photo shoots

D20 Burlesque

  • Burlesque style shows centered around gaming
  • Incorporatins gaming into the show
  • RPGS, video games, board games
  • How it all started
  • Located in NYC
  • Cthulhu Act and Portal Act
  • Creating shows and acts
  • Making the costumes
  • Preparing for the shows and finding inspiration
  • Reactions to burlesque
  • Favorite experiences
  • Youtube snippets!
  • Facebook page and mailing list!
  • Lower East side!

Anja's Corner

  • Playing old school games
  • Simplicity of the game

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