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Streets of Bedlam

December 9, 2011
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Streets of Bedlam

Bedford and Lamrose, Two sides of the same river. Two sides of the same coin. One, an affluent metropolis teeming with industy and aspiration. The other, a cesspool of crime and vice. Both dirty, both begging for the match that will set this whole city on fire.

Bedford and Lamrose. Locals call this place Bedlam. It's a fitting name.

A Savage World of Crime and Corruption

My friend Jason L Blair is currently designing the Streets of Bedlam and doing a Kickstarter around it! This setting sounds reaaalllly fun! I love the juxtopostion of the two places and the crime and corruption. I could just imagine my Savage Worlds character running around, getting into trouble, and creating mass chaos there. 

The game is a modern urban setting full of descipcable people doing awful things in the name of God, money, politics, or to pay off old debts. The stories shine light on the dark places of the human heart but it's about finding diamonds in the rough, about good people in bad situations. The heros may have questionable means btu they have good intentions. 

You can find out more about the game at and see all the cool artwork! Jason is posting new information as the kickstarter is going on and unveiling various character types. I love the art work which is done by Shawn Gaston. It really shows the feel of the game - getting down to gritty, dirty, messes but some how you still love your hero! 

Check out the kickstarter and this game and let me know what you think! I will have Jason on in a future Jennisodes talking about the game and production as it gets closer to it's release. ENJOY