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Always, Never, Now

December 16, 2011
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Always, Never, Now

Will Hindmarch is a freelance writer and designer in the role playing game community. I have had the pleasure of getting to meet him and hang out this past GenCon at a late night gathering which included humorous games of Sage Fight. When Will started tweeting about Always, Nver, Now I was intrigued and quickly went to kickstarter to find out more. Always, Never, Now began as a game for his friends and over time the game began to grow with more and more missions and characters. Today, Will wants to bring this game to life to share with everyone. 

Always, Never, Now is a cyberpunk, action packed, heroic role playing game. Set in a world with metal legs, street samurais, and underground hackers, this game is sure to intrigue everyone. The kickstarter video gives you a quick look into what your character can be in a cyberpunk world. In the game you  have been given your missions from Him. Things have worked out pretty well but then he disappeared. It has been 11 years and he is back. You are searching for him to help him get out of trouble.  How awesome is that??? I would totally want to help my old master and change the world while I'm at it.


The game is action packed with quick cinematic plot changes similar to Lady Blackbird by John Harper. Will writes that the game includes light dynamic rules meant for a GM and 2-5 players. I'm always interesting in games that allow you to have 2 other friends come over instead of having to find a 4th. Included in the game will be ready to play characters with optional back stories and roleyplaying notes. Within the game there are missions that you can complete, which include Reykjavik Iceland, Atlantica Seastead, Mumbai India, and many more.

As the project gets funded Will is releasing new rewards at various levels. I really like the feel of this game and the world that WIll has brought to life. I'm excited to read the final version and hopefully get to play it! The project will be funded on January 9, 2012. You can check out the kickstarter here and find out more about Will Hindmarch here