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Ace of Dice

June 1, 2012
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Destiny Beginner

The designers from Ace of Dice have created a new roleplaying game called Destiny Beginner. It is easy to learn, uses a d66 mechanic and character creation only takes a couple minutes. This a fantasy roleplaying game that includes a lot of narrative roleplaying. At Ace of you can download the pdf for Destiny Beginner for free. The next book in the set is called Destiny Dungeon which will be released in 2013. Destiny Beginner is compatible with Destiny, a rulebook that is featured in Germany.

The pdf of Destiny Beginner is only 52 pages and can be read and digested in a sitting. It is broken up into three parts; Rules, Game Mastermind and Setting. The Appendix contains sample advenutres, character sheets and a map of Lys Marrah.

Character Creation

It takes 5 minutes. The character sheet are super simple and you can be anything you want. You start off picking a primary aspect from a list of 8. Then you choose three other aspects that define your character. The aspects include Charisma, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Nature, Society, Combat, and Magic. You assign some points to the four aspects you choose, name your character, give it a race and you are pretty much on your way! 

Each player has The Great Gift, magical like abilities tied to the primary aspect you picked during character creation. Let's say you pick Strength as your main aspect. Your Great Gift allows you to boost strength type actions that no one else can do. Anything you can think of (within reason) that applies to your main aspect you can do. Using my super strength I might be able to move that super large boulder over there. Something the Magical Gnome can't do! Granted the Magical gnome could probably use a spell on the boulder but that's beside the point. To use your Great Gift you need to spend Destiny Points. You get points at the beginning of the game based on your level. At the end of a scene you can recover some Destiny Points through a simple dice role. I like that you can use your Great Gift in every scene and not worry about having enough for later in the session.

Lys Marrah

The setting of Destiny Beginner is called Lys Marrah. There are swamps, rivers, cliffs, cities, wilderness and much much more. Centuries ago the city of Lys Marrah was wrapped in a shadowy web called the Eternal Darkness. New settlers came and tried to settle within the city but were unable to. Through the help of the Mages of Istrith the people were able to lift the darkness. The city is filled with a myriad of races, magic, tunnels and much more. Destiny Beginners gives a short description of the different aspects of the city. I'd love to read more about Lys Marrah when the next book comes out. 


The simple mechanic of the game is done by using two D6, one for the tens digit and one for the ones digit. You roll your two colored dice and see if you succeed. You add the two dice together to see how well you succeed. Simple!! After reading Destiny Beginner I wanted to create a quick character and explore the undercity of Lys Marrah. You can check out the game at Ace of Dice website! Have fun and enjoy.